Talent acquisition reinvented

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Talent acquisition reinvented

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Talent acquisition reinvented:
Change the focus from past experience to relevant competences
At this Coffee Meeting, we are looking forward to greeting an old DABS acquaintance. Asger Daugbjerg who was a member of the DABS board from 2017-2020, is now back introducing a new, interesting approach. 

This presentation is about a different approach to talent acquisition. An approach which is being used by both SMEs and some of the biggest Danish multinationals. Could Singapore be next?
Actually, there is not much magic about it – mostly innovation and technology linked to a deep understanding of the questions HR and recruiters should really ask. The key is asking candidates about how they will act in situations they will face in the position a company is trying to fill. 
Present candidates with a number of scenarios which reflect real job challenges as experienced by staff already working in a similar position in the company. Relevant scenarios uncover a candidate’s competencies vis-à-vis the actual job she will be doing should she be hired. 
Now this disruptive approach does not replace an interview or degrade the importance of excellent school grades. But it does ensure a solid pre-selection of strong candidates; candidates who have demonstrated the ability to excel in the concrete job – without ever having worked in the company. 

About the speaker

Asger Daugbjerg is a business man, having run his own business consultancy in Singapore since 2016 – and with more than 30 years of work experience in Europe and Asia. 
Asger is not a recruiter, but he is writing job position scenarios for i.e. Danske Bank, Danish Crown, Copenhagen Capacity, COOP, Grundfos and more. 

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