Val – A Legacy

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Val – A Legacy

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Valérie Goutard, affectionately known as Val, embarked on an artistic journey rooted deeply in self-learning, navigating through realms of contradictions, unveiling to the world, realms bathed in fresh possibilities. Embodying exquisite vulnerability, embraced by an ethereal imbalance and illuminated from within, Val’s creations embarked on a captivating odyssey, exploring the depths of human connectivity, interactions, and the sacred spaces they inhabit, interweaving realms of existence and emptiness.

A nomad at heart, Val traversed through life across the continents—from Europe to Africa to South America, finally anchoring her artistic soul in Bangkok in 2004. Here, amidst the mystical bronze casters of Ayutthaya, her studio flourished. United in love and art with her partner, Frédéric Morel, she dove into oceans of risks, allowing the currents to constantly rejuvenate her artistic spirits. Later, the enchanting realms of Murano’s glass mastery beckoned, inviting her to wander through illusions, the invisible, and the divine sanctities. Her departure left the art world in a sorrowful embrace, marking the loss of an artist whose journey soared swiftly through the skies of greatness.

Val’s art, marked by its distinctive uniqueness and globally recognized essence, is celebrated in a retrospective, elegantly unfolding her legendary masterpieces across two resplendent venues: the Alliance Française and the REDSEA Gallery. An invitation is extended to wander through the metallic symphonies of Val’s creativity, enabling one to unravel the tales of an artistic voyage marked by immense creativity, and understand the global admiration her legacy has garnered—a treasure eternally encapsulated in the realms of bronze and glass.

Experience the exhibition in the graceful ambiances of Alliance Française de Singapour and REDSEA Gallery.

Come enjoy a guided tour where you will be introduced to some of Val’s most famous masterpieces. It is always easier to be moved by an artwork once you have a little more context and artistic perspective. The format of the visit are tailor-made so that everyone can connect with Val’s work, English or French speakers, children and parents alike

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October 12, 2023 @ 13:00 to
November 18, 2023 @ 17:30

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